Speaker Date Topic
Rebekka Hauskins-Founder of Hayden's Helping Hands Feb 20, 2018
Dedicated to helping families financially due to the birth of a stillborn baby
Kilong Ung-Surived The Killing Fields Feb 27, 2018
The Golden Leaf Journey- Testament of human resiliency, healing power of forgiveness, and a purpose.
Gary Sirianni-Exceed Enterprises Mar 06, 2018
Partners with businesses to provide disabled people jobs in the community
Joel Bergman-Milwaukie Rotary President Mar 13, 2018
Club Assembly
Sherri Kulink-CEO Providence Milwaukie Hospital Mar 20, 2018
Update on the hospital and how the orgainzation is serving the community.
Bob Sharkey-Fund Development/Endowment Fund Chair Apr 03, 2018
Rotary-Foundation Annual and Endowment Fund Presentation
Corinn deTorres-Owner of Chapel Theatre Apr 17, 2018
Share about the new Art Center in Milwaukie