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Intersection at SE 47th & SE Monroe
SE 47th & SE Monroe
Milwaukie, OR  97222
United States of America

Carefree Sunday temporarily opens more than five miles of streets to people for the portion of a day by closing them to cars. The result is hundreds of people biking, walking, rolling, and connecting with the community.

You make the intersection as exciting and inviting as you want. 
You have a space for a canopy and a table.  Do what you can to entice people to hear your message as they are enjoying the open Carefree Sunday streets.
Bring along a team of volunteers, staff members, supporters and maybe a big mascot.  Cheering people on the course is fun and gets their attention.
People love freebies.  Hand out healthy snacks. Let them make their own Carefree Sunday art.  Take their photo.  Create a reason for people to stop their bikes and engage with you.
The main responsibility is helping neighbors in cars get on or off the closed street.
Your organization must agree to monitor the intersection for both volunteer shifts (9:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).
One person on your team per shift must be trained as an Intersection Superhero, must wear the Carefree Sunday t-shirt identifying them as an Intersection Superhero,  and must prioritize the needs of Carefree Sunday over all needs of your organization. 
All other people on your team are welcome to enjoy the event, wear your organization’s t-shirts, engage with the public and spread the cheer of your organization far and wide.
In exchange, you can help us with our #1 biggest need of the event - Intersection Superhero volunteers.  Every single intersection along the course must be monitored by a volunteer.  The job is simple, but important – we must help out neighbors who are affected by the closed streets."